Cannondale Urban Bikes


The Cannondale Urban Bike Lets You See the City on Two Wheels

Cannondale has been in the bike-building industry long enough to know that for most riders, practicality is the key to a long and happy relationship with their bike. Whether running errands, riding to school or out for a training ride, an urban bike needs to perform smoothly and adapt to different applications.

Cannondale urban bikes excel in different situations thanks to a host of technologies borrowed from this world-class bike builder’s road and mountain programs. These aren’t just retrofitted trail bikes though. You’ll be happy to know that Cannondale has given plenty of thought to the rides these bikes will go on to deliver a product that can keep up with your fast-paced life.

Different Models of Cannondale Urban Bikes

Cannondale urban bikes come in a variety of different shapes. Each rider has a unique riding style, and that doesn’t go away when the dirt turns to asphalt. Choose from:

  • Cannondale Quick and Women’s-specific Felicity — Select from more upright, comfort-oriented models such as the Cannondale Quick and Women’s-specific Felicity if you need an easy-to-live-with commuter machine equipped with top-of-the-line components.
  • Cannondale Bad Boy and Hooligan models — Those who like to push the limits of their skills in the urban jungle will appreciate the Cannondale Bad Boy and Hooligan models. The Bad Boy features Cannondale’s patented Head Shock technology so you can charge down staircases and off curbs with ease. The Hooligan uses a super-compact design that slices and dices on sidewalks and is light enough to carry up to your buddy’s duplex apartment.

A Closer Look at the Cannondale Urban Bikes

Cannondale urban bikes make a great choice for city-goers who use their bicycle mainly as a form of transport in town. Longer gearing and smooth tires allows them to coast easily down sidewalks and maneuver through traffic.

As with many Cannondale bikes, urban models are available in a number of different trim levels, making these bikes accessible to entry-level riders, without forgoing the nicer features that experienced cyclists can appreciate. Let’s take a closer look at the different Cannondale urban bikes available from BikeExchange:

  • Cannondale Quick bikes: Whether on your way to the market for milk and bread or enjoying a relaxing roll through the park, the quick is capable in both comfort and exercise roles. It features a 24-speed Shimano drivetrain and Kenda tires for high speed and low-rolling resistance.
  • Cannondale Felicity bikes: More of a city bike than its cousin, the Felicity delivers a smooth ride in all situations. Practical features such as fenders and a rear rack make it a great companion for running errands.
  • Cannondale Bad Boy bikes: Blacked out and ready for urban assault, the Bad Boy features mountain-inspired geometry and a parts set that is ready to take a beating. A 50mm Head Shock at the front lets you truck obstacles, and upgraded models receive hydraulic disc brakes that give you an exit strategy when things get technical.
  • Cannondale Hooligan bikes: Where other bikes might be held back by large wheels and slow handling, the Hooligan delivers uncanny handling and a tight turning radius. This uber-nimble asphalt special is ready to carve up the sidewalk.

Find your perfect Cannondale bike online at BikeExchange today!

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