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While they can be difficult to define, urban bikes are typically similar to hybrid bikes but are rather designed specifically for commuting over both long and short distances. With strong yet lightweight frame construction, urban bikes are built to withstand the rugged commuting of the inner city. Common characteristics of many urban bikes include a flat style handlebar, a more comfortable upright riding position and puncture-resistant semi-slick tire that remains fast rolling and stable.

Types of Urban Bikes

Depending on your personal needs, there are many variations of the urban or commuter bike. Alloy frame materials are forever getting stronger and lighter, while the traditional steel framed “step-through” bikes are available for a more old-fashioned feel. The modern urban bike frame is typically constructed of either aluminium or steel, but the use of lighter weight carbon fiber is seen in some more luxury models.

As with the frames, there is a vast range of wheels and brakes available on urban bikes. Whilst the 700c “road wheel” is most common size, there are also options that have wider 26 to 29-inch mountain bike wheels for a sturdier ride. Depending on your price point, many urban bikes have either conventional rim brakes and disc brakes for increased braking capacity.

Most urban-style bikes are equipped with mounting points on the frame for attaching various load-carrying bags and baskets. You may also find that on some bikes, a front and rear lighting system is already installed for the night or bad weather riding.

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