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About Trek

Trek is one of the largest manufacturers of bicycles in the world. It produces a wide range of bikes for road, mountain and city use, as well as bikes for children. These bikes are all sold under the Trek brand name, but the company also owns a number of other brands in specialist and niche markets. Plus it is involved in racing, sponsoring and co-sponsoring a number of teams and riders.

The company is based in Wisconsin in the USA and was founded in 1976. Its first products were frames that were designed to compete with the Japanese and Italian bikes that were the most popular at the time. They were touring frames made from steel and they were a huge success. In less than three years the company had a turnover measured in the millions.

For the company to expand, however, it had to start making complete bikes. Its first was the Pro brand of road racing bikes that were first made in 1981. A mountain bike was introduced to the range in 1983, and sales in the company took off.

Today Trek bikes are sold all over the world. It also sells bike accessories, parts, and gear. And it sells a number of products under other brand names, many of which it has acquired over recent years. This includes Bontrager, a range of specialist mountain bike components, wheels and clothing; Electra , the much-loved cruiser bikes; Diamant, the city bike that has been produced since 1895; and B-Cycle, the bike sharing company.

Trek is also heavily involved in the sport of cycling, sponsoring a professional road racing team as well as mountain bike and cyclocross teams and riders.

Range of Trek Bikes

Trek makes a full range of bicycles from standard models to high performance machines. They are all manufactured with the same commitment to quality, and dedication to the sport and hobby of cycling.

At the top of the model range in terms of price are Trek's performance road racing bikes. The company calls them "road weapons". Brands like the Émonda and Madone will be familiar in this category, plus it makes options for children.

Endurance race and triathlon bikes are also available, as are off-road and all terrain bikes. These come under the Cyclocross and Adventure categories, as well as the extensive mountain bike range - cross country, trail, sport, enduro and gravity.

Trek also makes bikes for more leisurely riding and for commuting. This includes its Recreation range plus Fitness, Dual Sport, And Urban Utility. Electric bikes are also available.

Finally it offers a customization option for riders who want something unique.

Trek Sponsorship

Trek is involved in road racing through its main sponsorship of Trek Factory Racing, a team that competes in a number of events throughout the year. This includes all three Grand Tours. The team has 27 riders who come from 14 different countries, so it is a truly international operation.

Trek also has sponsorship involvement in off-road disciplines. This includes the mountain biking teams Trek Factory Racing XC, Trek World Racing, and the C3 Project. It also sponsors the Crelan AA Drink Cyclocross team.

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