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Fit Bikes is a brand of BMX bikes. It is an American company that is closely involved in the BMX racing and competition scene, as well as the BMX lifestyle scene. Its product range includes complete BMX bikes as well as frames, parts, accessories, and apparel.

The company was founded in 1999 in California. It is an offshoot of S&M Bikes, the respected BMX bike frames and parts manufacturer. Both brands are based in Santa Ana and continue to be owned and operated together. Fit Bikes allowed the company to give its riders and dealer network more options. S&M only offered frames and parts such as bars, stems, and forks, for example, whereas Fit Bikes offers complete BMX bikes in addition to parts.

Right from the start Fit Bikes brought on board a number of well-known and legendary BMX riders, many of whom still ride Fit Bikes BMX bikes in competition today. This includes riders such as Mike Aitken, Brian Foster, and Jason Enns.

It is a company that is known for its high quality, American-made frames, parts, and accessories. It also supplies complete BMX bikes, with many of the parts being American-made.

Range Of Fit Bikes

Fit Bikes’ range of complete BMX bikes includes a number of options that feature the names of pro riders who are the inspirations behind each model. This includes Dugan (Tom Dugan), Benny (Ben Lewis), Mac (Shawn McIntosh), Conway (Dan Conway), and Long (Morgan Long).

Many of these models are also available as frame-only versions.

In addition to frames and complete BMX bikes, Fit Bikes also supplies parts. This includes forks, bars, stems, sprockets, pedals, cranks, seats, grips, pegs, tires, custom bars, and other small parts.

As well as this, you can get a wide range of Fit Bikes’ branded clothing and accessories, including t-shirts, outerwear (jackets, hoodies, sweaters, etc.) and hats. You can also get Fit Bikes videos, stickers, and other merchandise.

Fit Bikes Sponsorship

Fit Bikes is deeply involved in the sport of BMX, and has a number of team riders and associate athletes on its books. These include:

• Brandon Begin • Dan Conway • Tom Dugan • Jordan Hango • Ben Lewis • Morgan Long • Shawn McIntosh • Matt Nordstrom • Justin Spriet

It also has partnerships and sponsorship arrangements in place with a number of international BMX riders.

The parent company of Fit Bikes, S&M Bikes, is also involved in supporting BMX riders and has a number of team riders on its books as well. Between the two brand names, the company supports a wide range of competitive BMX riders across the world. It uses this association to help further the sport of BMX, and to raise awareness of its brand, but there is a technical aspect to the relationships. The competitive riders give feedback to the engineers and designers at Fit Bikes, which helps them to produce better, more advanced, and more innovative bikes to include in their product range.

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